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Interior Design Trends to Watch

High-end interior design has evolved from Ancient Egyptian culture to becoming a part of the fabric of American homes, including Chicago luxury real estate. As with other types of design, the interior design world experiences new trends with every seasonal change.

Current interior design trends serve as a benchmark for the growth and resilience of the industry, as well as our nation as a whole, during unprecedented times. Keep reading for  sixteen of the top interior design trends for 2022.

Newstalgia: a major modern-day trend

is a blend of meaningful nostalgic décor, home furnishings with modern textures,  and fresh technological accents. In the newstalgic aesthetic, interior designers revive retro pieces with contemporary luxury finishes integrated alongside modern-day, high-tech home features. The end result is current, comforting, and evocative all at once.

At the heart of this movement is the impetus for every item in your home to say something about yourself. Retro pieces tell a story and give character, while modernizing them brings them into the now—a combination that most high-end clients appreciate when looking at luxury Chicago houses.

Nature-inspired touches

More people are working from home than ever before. Owing to this status quo, many are seeking to strengthen their connection with nature inside their homes.
Our human love for nature has inspired the resurgence of natural home design elements, including living plants and earthy surfaces such as marble, terracotta, and travertine. Organic materials are becoming increasingly present in condos for sale in Gold Coast Chicago, including furniture, decorative pieces, and bathroom surfaces.

The robust yet homely mood of nature-inspired home design elements adds depth, f elegance, and visual appeal while effortlessly mimicking the relaxing and restorative outdoors.

Full-scale maximalism

Though maximalism has been part of interior design for centuries, its recent manifestation in modern homes and Chicago luxury real estate has evolved. In a nutshell, maximalism is the idea that more is more and is based on a sense of boldness and playfulness.

It involves layers of patterns, rich colors, and an abundance of decor and art. The maximalist aesthetic is eclectic, moody, and chatty. Kate Moss’s guest room is decorated in this style, as is Tori Burch’s Manhattan sitting room—as you can see from these examples, your chosen elements can be more retro or more modern, making for richly interesting and unique possibilities.

Fortunately, by way of online and social media, discerning homeowners and designers are falling in love with the exuberantly appointed style through stories and images of spaces with various maximalist designs.

Smart homes

It looks like high-tech luxury homes are here to stay and evolve with the latest advances in technology. Smart homes have become increasingly desirable features in Chicago luxury real estate and beyond.

Today’s architects and interior designers can leverage new tech in order to create highly engaging designs and immersive spaces that feel clean, modern, and futuristic.

Additionally, features such as smart home robots and home security systems add the elements of convenience and surveillance to the modern home. Industry giants such as Amazon, Samsung, Apple, and Google are all directing their efforts and investment toward the smart home industry.

Dual-purposed rooms

A dual-purpose room is any room in your home which serves two purposes at once, typically adding office elements to a bedroom, for example. This trend has been fueled by the massive number of people working from home.

This influx has inspired interior designers to use various means at their disposal to achieve a perfect blend of typical home settings — such as dining, living rooms, and bedrooms — with functional office spaces.

Leather furniture and upholstery

Leather exudes luxury, refinement, and the character to be bold in interior design. High-end leather furniture and fixtures are frequently part of the interior design of luxe properties around the world, including Chicago luxury real estate.

Leather furniture is classic and sleek, especially if you stick to neutral colors. Besides providing an element of elegance, leather furniture is a durable, timeless luxury interior design element for condos for sale in Gold Coast Chicago.

Wooden and warmly painted cabinets

Cold gray kitchens have become a thing of the past owing to the trend toward warming-up kitchens with more inviting tones. Cozy, celadon greens, warm buttery neutrals, and beautiful natural woods are popular trends for stylish kitchens in Chicago luxury real estate.

Alternatively, for homes that continue to prefer gray kitchens, consider transforming your kitchen with a warm gray palette rather than a cool gray one.

Stone and clay materials

Earthy, neutral home furnishings are where it’s at these days. Interior decorators are focusing on grounding, warm pieces such as organic stone and clay elements, organic textures from fired clay, stone, hand-blown glass, pencil rattan, and luxurious silks.

Rustic and unfinished woods are also becoming increasingly popular in Chicago luxury real estate. Natural textures act as neutrals and help anchor spaces that are dominated by unconventional silhouettes and saturated colors. 

Curve appeal

Curvy, rounded furniture and décor are some of today’s most prominent interior design trends when it comes to luxury Chicago houses. Homeowners are looking for softer lines and soothing  spaces.

As a result, curves are popping up in doorways, windows, arched ceilings, and cabinet designs.  Curvaceous furniture is also highly sought after due to its visually pleasant, delicate, and calming qualities.

Jewel-toned furniture

Elevate your Chicago luxury real estate with lavish jewel-toned home accents. Jewel-toned furnishings are a major trend being incorporated by many interior designers seeking to add a touch of regal drama in luxuriously bold ruby, emerald, sapphire, and gold-tone pieces.

From gold metallic wallpapers and velvet blue sofas to amethyst purple accents, juicy colors and rich textures are sure to give your home extra sheen and allure.

Modern artwork by modern artists

The art world has changed. In the past, the focus may have been more on high-brow art collections and elusive names. Now, however, there is more interest in up-and-coming artists who are bringing something new to the world of art.

Some have said this shift can be attributed not only to the ways that technology has changed the art world but also that it could be a backlash to the increasing institutionalization and marketization of the field of art.

These days, affluent individuals who collect art or are simply devoted enthusiasts are constantly looking for fresh faces on the art scene. Often they are looking for pieces that reflect the modern world's diversity and the artists' fresh perspectives.

There has also been greater interest in 3D art. 3D art can range from configurable figures to fixtures that pop off the walls. It adds whimsy, intrigue, and life to spaces.

Large windows

Large windows are becoming increasingly common, and not in the usual places such as kitchens and living rooms.

Oversized windows are being featured more frequently in bathrooms as vertical gardens and other indoor fixtures, as well as replacing solid walls with walls of glass.

This trend is powered, in part, by the eco-friendliness of properly installed, energy-efficient windows and long-term sustainability concerns. As people look at Gold Coast houses, and become more aware of their impact on the environment, energy-efficient glass can provide a solution that is both eco-conscious and visually appealing.

Statement lighting as artistic objects

Statement lighting
and lamps are in the interior decorating spotlight. Statement lamps can bring new life to a room or entryway, at times making spaces look bigger and brighter. These days, there are a plethora of beautiful, artistic options available when it comes to lighting your home.

Decorative lighting pieces such as elegant chandeliers, sculptural lamps, and statement pieces can tie a room together, become talking points when guests are over and transform the personality and mood of a space.

Asymmetrical lighting is also a fun trend to explore, as is layering light. Layering light involves using different types of light bulbs and lighting fixtures to create your ideal environment in your dream Chicago luxury real estate.

More indoor-outdoor living

Indoor-outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons, including:
  • Ease of  entertainment
  • Increased, multi-function living spaces
  • More  natural light
  • Enjoying the relaxation of nature-integrated spaces
  • Increased home value
Some examples of popular indoor-outdoor elements are outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas, blended living rooms or lounge spaces, and indoor-outdoor pools, in which part of your pool is inside your home and part of it is exposed to the elements.

Indoor-outdoor living can be especially desirable when your dream home involves dream views, like the kind you can get of Lake Michigan from your luxury Chicago house.


Not to be confused with “recycling,” upcycling reforms an older product into a new product — often but not always with a new purpose — by whatever means the upcycler deems fit.

This can range from transforming home furnishing as simple as an old bottle into a hummingbird feeder to entire restaurants made from upcycled materials, such as Lucas Munoz’s design of Mo de Movimiento restaurant in Madrid, Spain.

For obvious reasons, upcycling home furnishings is also an eco-friendly move and a must for the ethically chic. Light a candle made from upcycled champagne bottles the first night in your new Chicago luxury real estate.

Mindful spaces

Do you feel joy and peace whenever you walk into your house? You spend most of your life at home. Being more conscious and aware of how your space impacts your sense of well-being—and vice versa—are major trends in interior design.

Some elements to factor in for mindful design of your Chicago luxury real estate include decluttering, clean lines, soothing scents, calming colors and accents, and soft lighting. Then there is the option of having a devoted, mindful living space for activities such as meditation, reading, and yoga.

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