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Staging your Home for a Quick Sale

Buyers need to imagine living in your space so it’s vital to take the following steps:

1. Remove All Clutter

A clean home suggests it’s been well maintained. In other words, clothes a strewn and an abundance of knick-knacks only detract from the space itself. Too many photographs can also distract potential buyers or worse, prevent from envisioning themselves in the property. Pictures may humanize homeowners but then the home “belongs” to someone else. The solution: start removing!

2. Utilize Neutral Colors

Interior trends come and go but a neutral palette never goes out of style. Bold wall colors or eccentric backsplashes have a way of reducing offers; going neutral, particularly on the walls, is the smart choice. Neutral hues will help tone down any dated finishes within the space. Remember that you are not limited to cream and tan shades- try tonal greys as well.

3. Simplify

LESS is more! Minimalism is a trend for a reason, and less furniture actually makes your home look larger. We like to repurpose existing furnishings and accessories into other rooms.

4. Create Vignettes

Arrange conversational groupings of furniture, floating away from walls to create charming and cozy spaces. This will show an intention for the space as well as make it feel larger. Do not leave an unfurnished room completely empty. It’s easy to lay down a large rug or blanket, add a few pillows, a yoga mat and voilà… You have a private studio!

5. Do Necessary Improvements

The most essential elements are repainting and repairing. Appliances can also date your property so it may be wise to purchase new appliances. We want your home to show its best and making improvements will yield higher offers in a shorter market time.

6. Ask a Chicago Real Estate Expert for help

There are professional stagers that will transform your home to be magazine-ready. Our stagers are also interior designers and know how to present your space. We, as brokers, know what sells and the combination is powerful. We have seen first hand when a perfectly staged home brings multiple offers at top dollar and we want this for you too!

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