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An Interview with Sharon and Marissa

Here’s a little Q & A  with Sharon Gillman and Marissa Gillman Schaefer:
How did you get into real estate?
SHARON: I always loved looking at homes and design, and I also love doing research, analysis and getting the best deal. So naturally, I chose to get into the business!
MARISSA: Ever since I can remember, Sunday afternoons in the Gillman household were spent driving through the city to explore neighborhoods and look at real estate. When I graduated from college, my heart initially led me to fashion. After 12 years in luxury fashion, I was ready for a change and it seemed obvious to go back to my roots in real estate.
What about your job do you enjoy the most?
SHARON: I get to help people at a really exciting and important time of their lives. I find myself acting like a therapist at times and doing a lot of hand-holding, but what’s most rewarding is the excitement that buyers have and knowing that I have gotten my sellers the highest price for their property.
MARISSA: At the end of the day I just want to help people and make them happy. It’s so fulfilling that our clients trust us with such an important aspect of their lives, and my goal is always to help make any transition and transaction as seamless as possible.

How is the Gillman Group different from other real estate groups?
SHARON: We are different because we have a team supporting us, and we are workaholics who never say ‘no’.
MARISSA: My Mom and I possess different strengths so together we really do make the perfect team. Since my partner is also my Mom, it’s easy to communicate- even if it means having a tough discussion-because at the end of the day we are family and we want what’s best for our clients but also for each other.

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