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5 Wellness Products for Your Home

Want to bring more health and wellness into your home? Marissa here with our favorite products for a fresh and clean home… minus all those harsh chemicals.

1. Saje Oil Diffuser

This oil diffuser not only is great accent piece in your home, it helps purify and humidify your air all while giving you the healing power of plants.

2. Salt Lamp

A Himalayan salt lamp makes the perfect bedside lamp. While on, it releases negative ions into the air which has been said to remove odors and clean the air. I even find the orange glow to have a calming effect.

3. Branch Basics Cleaning Supplies

It’s time to clean up your cleaning products. I love this brand because they are plant and mineral based, non-toxic and the concentrate lasts up to 240 new bottles.

4. Levoit Air Purifier

This Purifier does wonders for keeping the air in our home clean. It is also the perfect size so it can easily be transported to different rooms.

5. Big Walter Water Filter

The Walter is a beautiful water filter that doubles as a unique piece of art in your home. Each piece is hand crafted. The filter only needs to be changed once a month so it is super easy to maintain and enjoy.

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